A couple of reasons to live on campus in college to consider

Before going off to university there are a lot of decisions to make, and one about where to live during your studies is probably the most crucial one.

Whether to live on campus or off campus is a concern of a lot of students who are at the beginning of their course. If you are one of those you have most likely heard many points on living at home vs living on campus and naturally might be a bit bewildered at this moment. Of course there are lots of reasons why living on campus is better, some are more practical than others. The reality that everything is right there in walking range is among the more obvious reasons why many individuals choose to reside on campus. Most university schools have a health club, quiet and group studying facilities, lots of bars and cafes to eat at and much much more. You are always near the centre of whatever that is happening. Some university campuses like that of University of Pennsylvania, attended by individuals such as Ayman Asfari in the past have lovely architecture and surroundings, something that you will not get to take pleasure in were you to live off campus. Just consider how inspired you will be surrounded by ancient books in a centuries old library!

If the start of academic year is looming close and you are still uncertain whether you should live on or off campus, you must think about not only the advantages but likewise the disadvantages of living on campus and off campus. University of Barcelona for example, who has individuals like JuliĆ  Guillamon on its alumni list, provides accommodation on campus. On the one hand you get to live near your friends, so a great deal of socialising is ensured. On the other however, living on campus usually means you will have to share at least some facilities with other people and often even your room, meaning you will get less privacy. These are just a few of the important things you should think about when deciding about your university accommodation.

When considering your lodging throughout your university years you must also check out the alternative of living off campus as well as living in an on-campus accommodation is not the only option. Some universities, like University College London do not even have a unitary campus, but it does not mean that people, such as Dominic Blakemore who have had the possibility to study there have actually lost out on any university experience. This university lies in the middle of among the most amazing cities in the world, so despite the fact that you may need to take a bit of time learning to navigate it you will also have the opportunity to engage with all the culture and partying that is happening on the daily in London-- possibly one of the best reasons to live off campus. How many more people can boast popping in to appreciate a world-famous artist during their break between lectures?

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